In Memorium of Lachlan MacKintosh who passed to the Grand Lodge above - 21st of February 2017

I just want to let you know how much you are all in my thoughts as you prep and set up for the Bike Show this weekend.
Lachlan and I were so looking forward to it and, as you are already aware, he was once again going to proudly exhibit one of his motorbikes at The Widows Sons Scotland stand - only this time of course, it was going to be his mighty BMW Adventure for a change, instead of his highly polished Harley Davidson Road King which he felt extremely honoured to display over the past two years.
We shall always appreciate the warm welcome you gave, the way you included us and the fact that we were able to help promote The Widows Sons Scotland and their inspiring brotherhood.
Lachlan will be with you in spirit and my beloved husband's memory will live on, through all of you, forever..... ❤️ Morag Mackintosh

In Memorium to Stevie Collins (Past President WSS) who passed to the Grand Lodge above - 30 December 2014

Bro Stevie (centre)


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  • Oz (Saturday, January 17 15 07:31 pm GMT)

    Bro. Stephen, only knew you a short time but you made a massive impact on me. The world has lost a great man but the big lodge in the sky has gained a remarkable Mason.

  • Andy Rankin (Wednesday, January 14 15 08:01 am GMT)

    It was truly a pleasure to know Stevie. One of life's true gentlemen. He always wanted to help anyone without gain. He lived by the Masonic values. He will be sadly missed. A friend & Brother

  • Princess Baad Fairy aka Heather Dougall (Tuesday, January 13 15 08:08 pm GMT)

    An absolute privilege to be able to call Stevie a friend.
    Am proud to have known him and he has had impacted all our lives.
    A sad sad loss - but he above only takes the best!!
    Yi fought hard dude - now run free!! Ride like youv never riden before - foreverdom!!!
    This next can of Stella pops - goes t you dude!!!

  • Andy Cheeseman (Tuesday, January 13 15 08:06 am GMT)

    A very sad loss to everyone who knew him, Steven was a true brother who was always there to help, he never left anyone out, I have so many great memories, he will never be forgotten.

  • allan white (Monday, January 12 15 09:55 pm GMT)

    Rest in Peace Brother x

  • Bill Harra (Monday, January 12 15 08:12 pm GMT)

    A true friend and brother I will miss you greatly

  • Jim Saunders (Monday, January 12 15 07:39 pm GMT)

    You will be sorely missed !! You will not be forgotten.RIP

  • Billy Alcroft (Monday, January 12 15 05:56 pm GMT)

    To me a great friend and Brother, but most of all a true gentleman who will be sadly missed

  • Gordon Simpson (Monday, January 12 15 05:46 pm GMT)


  • Carol Collins (Monday, January 12 15 04:57 pm GMT)

    What can I say..."my hero". A very very special person who made a difference in this life. He never gave up on what he believed in. Love and miss him so much and so proud to have been his wife. See
    you in the next life you xxx

  • sandy law (Monday, January 12 15 04:33 pm GMT)

    going to be missed so much, but never forgoten, ride free my friend and brother,,,,,,

  • peter younger (Monday, January 12 15 02:34 pm GMT)

    A great Brother and a sad loss for the Sons everywhere. A truly respected man who did msny great deeds for a lot of people and good causes

  • Alan Boyle (Monday, January 12 15 02:32 pm GMT)

    Rest easy brother, you made a difference.

  • Steven Donald (Monday, January 12 15 12:16 pm GMT)

    A sad loss to us all. Stevie was always there for everyone and led by example. A gentleman who never put himself first and I'm glad to have had him for a friend.

  • Garry Daniel Collins (Monday, January 12 15 10:58 am GMT)

    Thank you to Steven's brethren for the wonderful show of respect and support shown to Carol, Sean, Gordon and Jackie and to the memory of Steven both during and following his illness.

  • Stewart Anderson (Monday, January 12 15 10:11 am GMT)

    Always saddened to here the passing of a brother. RIP brother L;1219

  • Gordon McLuskie (Monday, January 12 15 09:54 am GMT)

    Ride free in the wind my dear Brother.WSSFF1

  • John sives (Monday, January 12 15 09:13 am GMT)

    One of the nicest guys iv known and will be missed.

Courtesy of STV Edinburgh

By on Friday 9 January 2015

Bikers' guard of honour for cancer victim Steven Collins

A fleet of Harley Davidson bikers have gathered to pay tribute to the "kind-hearted" Santa Ride founder who devoted his life to helping others.


Described as a "jolly and gentle soul" by his fellow bikers, Edinburgh father-of-two Steven Collins lost his battle with cancer on December 30, 2014.

In a moving ceremony held at the city's Warriston Crematorium on Thursday, close to 100 bikers escorted the funeral procession and formed a leather-clad guard of honour to say goodbye to the friend they described as "a brother who always put everyone else first".

In a service that included the rock ballad He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother and a resounding 'Harley roar' of engines that set off nearby car alarms, Steven's generous spirit was honoured by those who said they were privileged to have known him.



via STV via STV

  (Image courtesy of Nik Watt)

via STV via STV


As founder of Edinburgh's Santa Ride - an annual motorbike run where bikers deliver presents and Christmas cheer to the elderly and to children at the Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital - 'Stevie' was a popular figure in the city.

"He would never see anybody stuck," said his wife, Carol Collins.

"He always helped people out and never had a bad word to say about anybody. He was so well known and so well liked. We’re just so heartbroken that he's gone."

As former president and co-founder of The Widows Sons, Scotland Steven's charity work extended to anyone who was in need of help.

The 52-year-old plumber and heating engineer helped to organise vital blood runs for local hospitals as well as events to raise funds for charities such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society and shoebox for soldiers appeals.

  (Steven Collins and his wife Carol at the 2014 Santa Bike Ride in Edinburgh.)

via STV via STV

"Steven will be a huge, huge loss because he was the driving force behind so many things," said Carol.

"People are going to really miss him."

Steven's passion for motorbikes drew him into Scotland's Harley Davidson social scene - a group historically known for their charity work.

"Steven loved his bikes, he was always a biker even before I knew him, " said Carol.

"We were always busy. We had a very full life. He’s just going to be such a huge huge loss to me and my boys."

Steven passed away at his home shortly before New Year, after an eight-month battle against cancer, leaving behind Carol, his two much-loved sons Sean and Gordon, grandson Aaron and sister Jackie.

  (Carol Collins: "Steven was just such a force of life. He always helped people out.")

via STV via STV

"It was very difficult for him because Steven genuinely thought he would live forever," said Carol.

"But he never complained, even when he was in pain, and right up to the end he never gave up.

"He was fighting for his life right up to the end, he loved his life and he didn’t want to go. Steven just fought and fought because he wanted to live."

In keeping with the generosity towards others he had shown throughout his life, Steven requested that donations at the service be on behalf of St. Columba's Hospice where he had spent some time.

Steven's fellow bikers have also announced their commitment to keep his and their group's dedicated ethos of service before self going strong - especially through the annual Santa Ride.

As friend and biker Steve Ritchie said: "It won’t be the same next year without him, but we’ll keep doing it."

Stevie Collins Santa Run 2014

Please follow the link below as the 2014  Santa Run had special significance, as its founder Steven 'Stevie' Collins prepares to ride out for the final time.

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